Chihuly Glass Fashion

Engaging in Daly Chihuly’s out of this world glass creations through fashion in 100ºF Miami summer. Chihuly shattered the conventions of glass, turning it into a sculptural, abstract art form, spearheading the rise of avant-garde glass art.

The who… Daly Chihuhy: American glass architect/sculptor. In 1965 he enrolled in the first glass program in the country and later went onto study at RISD where he established its own glass program a decade later. Then he won a Fulbright and went to work at the Venini glass factory in venice. Founded Pilchick Glass School in Washington State, and is a leading figure in the avant-garde glass movement and known for his collaborative approach to his art. Chihuly shows everywhere and is a big deal in the art world.


“I can’t understand it when people say they don’t like a particular color. . . . How on earth can you not like a colour? Dale Chihuly



“One can only wonder what kind of genius thought of blowing human breath down a metal tube, forming a bubble inside a molten blob of glass. And to think that this molten blob of glass is made only of silica or sand, the most common material in the world, that can be transformed from a solid to a liquid to a solid just from fire. For me it’s the most mysterious and magical of all the inventions or materials that mankind has invented or discovered.” Dale Chihuly



“Glass is the most magical of all materials. It transmits light in a special way.” Dale Chihuly



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