Graveyard Grunge

There is a strange allure to graveyards. They exist outside of time, tied with the occult, the haunted and strange. There is something so brilliant about the contrast between the peace and manicured beauty above the ground and the uncanny concept of walking over hundreds of bodies resting six feet beneath the earth. It also makes an excellent location for an October shoot.




When clothes contradict and offset each other, they offer a particular sense of balance. I found this army jacket in a thrift shop in the Marais. I was taking a walk and it started raining so I dodged into the second hand store across the street and found this jacket, I’ll just pretend it belonged to an actual solider, for novelty’s sake. I swapped out the wood buttons for a more industrial set I found at a sewing store off rue Greneta in the 2ème and added brass studs to the shoulders. I offset the army jacket with a green lace dress. Balance. I was in a grunge mood that morning so I added a black hoodie and motorcycle boots.








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