90’s Nostalgia

90’s fashion is fucking awesome. Not to say that it isn’t a good thing that clothing aesthetics have ventured into new terrain in the decade since, but for nostalgia’s sake, it was the raddest of the rad. We’ve seen quite a few reincarnations (as in “the 90’s are back…again) over the years: grunge rock, Kate as cult leader of heroin chic, mc hammer “harem” pants, and every single article of clothing worn in Clueless. But the most essential aspect of this dirty fashion decade–so perfectly captured in Vogue’s controversial Grunge and Glory editorial of 1992–is that just don’t give a fuck slapstickchic edge. The go-to modern grunge: a just tight enough little black dress, soft plaid and moto boots.




“Punk was antifashion. It made a statement. Grunge is about not making a statement, which is why it’s crazy for it to become a fashion statement.”
– James Truman Editor-In-Chief of Details



The word itself was antisocial, the premise antidotal to what had gone before. The style was perfect for that awkward stage of adolescence, layers that one could shrug off and hide behind, an armor of sorts.”
– Sohpie Dahl on Grunge







Location: Wynwood Walls, Miami
Plaid: All Saints
Dress: Motel Rocks
Boots: ASH

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