Hermes Bal de Soie

Hermes Bal de Soie || That time when Hermès threw a Kubrickian Third Eye Blind vibing masquerade Bal de Soie in honor of one of their most iconic scarf prints, and Paris brought out their finest beauty and the beast inspired costumery for a night filled with silks and sparkling champagnes, lustful opium den lounging and gold tinged desserts.

Haute Couture Details

“In the world today haute couture is one of the last repositories of  the marvellous, and the couturiers thelast possessors of the wand of Cinderella’s Fairy…

Inside Beetlejuice Brain

Fashion houses have proven to make excellent art curators. Before the well worth hype around the Fondation Louis Vuitton’s new Frank Gehry designed home, there was the…

Unseen Kate Moss

For all followers of the Church of Moss in all her heroin chic, doesn’t give a fuck, high meets low fashion glory of alien bone structured proportions, here’s a little look back at the vintage Kate Moss. I scoured the internet for some of the lesser seen portraits of this industry ground breaking beauty from her Johnny Depp days (may they rest in peace) to her younger, more intimate portraits of lolita-raunch proportions.

Bill Viola Light

Bill Viola is the kind of artist who will make non-arties fall in love with art and the classical purist admit to liking “contemporary art.” He is a master weaver of video installation, electronic sound and New Media to create a immersive, sensory enveloping…

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice | Fashion Inspiration | Furs | Snow | White Winter Style Inspiration ‘Call Of The Wild’ | VOGUE | September 2014 |…

Makeup Painting

Applying makeup can be a form of art. It calls for brushes and paints of numerous colors, materials, and sizes and the aesthetics and skill of an…

Damien Hirst X Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s beloved rocker-kid-chic skull scarf get’s an upgrade from the Skull King himself: Damien Hirst. In this fashion meets art world collaboration, McQueen’s scarves are brought to life in a sensual ballet of silks.

Through the Tainted Glass

| Alice in Wonderland Style Inspiration | Vintage | H&M | Techni-Acid-Colored Looking Glass | The real tale of Alice arose from the story of the…

Takashi Murakami Reveals His Dark Side ‘In The Land of the Dead’

Few artists to have so impressively penetrated the worlds of fashion with such international prestige as contemporary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. With his latest exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery entitled “In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tale of a Rainbow” Murakami shows us an unexpectedly dark yet enticing side of his artist psyche.