Storm King Art Centre

Storm King Art Center is a surreal interactive art space. Sculptures by artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Maya Lin, Louise Bourgeois and dozens of other renowned sculptors from around the world are scattered in precisely curated locations throughout the rolling landscape that gives way to forests, lakes and stunning vistas into the Storm King mountains of the Hudson Valley. It is a living testament to the power of the space in art curation. Storm King Art Center was designed in harmony with the surrounding nature, and through their dialogue, reveals the extent to which art extends well beyond the plaque-labeled sculpture garden and into the wild creations conceived by the earth.

Storm King Sculpture 2015-ModeArte-LisannaWallance-4
“Sometimes it’s the material that takes over; sometimes it’s me that takes over. I permit them to play, like a seesaw. I use action and counteraction, like in music, all the time. Action and counteraction. It was always a relationship—my speaking to the wood and the wood speaking back to me.” Louise Nevelson
Storm King Sculpture 2015-ModeArte-LisannaWallance-10
“I hope to make the space come alive. There’s a time when a piece of sculpture stands up, becomes itself and there’s no way to describe what I feel like…it’s poetry.” Mark di Suvero
Storm King Sculpture 2015-ModeArte-LisannaWallance-2
“I felt duty bound to deal with my memories, and I wanted to make sense out of that situation, those fragments of a culture that were being destroyed.” Pomodoro has called this work both a “village-sculpture” and “a vision of an archaic settlement.” Arnaldo Pomodoro
Storm King Sculpture 2015-ModeArte-LisannaWallance-5
“The Russian-born American artist reinterpreting the cannon of the nude. He uses the human figure to evoke the force of nature.“We sense in these pieces, although of human shape, movements of nature in rivers, in sloping mountains, in the flatness of fields … or the turbulence of the sea.” Saul Baizerman
Storm King Sculpture 2015-ModeArte-LisannaWallance-8
“I’m interested in making objects that change infinitely, depending on their surroundings. The light at different times of day, the weather … what the viewers are wearing, all these are just some of the variables that will make the piece different every time one comes in contact with it. For me an ideal work of art is one that is ultimately unknowable in some way.”Alyson Shotz
Storm King Sculpture 2015-ModeArte-LisannaWallance
“It is the reformation of material which is what art is all about… we reform it to where it does that tuning fork to our knowledge of form within.” Mark di Suvero
Storm King Sculpture 2015-ModeArte-LisannaWallance-12
(Main photo featuring sculpture by Israeli artist Menashe Kadishman)
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