The Magic Hour

In the film industry, they call this time of day the Magic Hour. That moment in the late afternoon when the sun basks everything in golden light. Something magical happens to the French countryside in the Loire Valley in Spring. The green fields turn to pure gold as the Colza flowers bloom. Brilliant yellow fields as far as you can see. It’s a surreal sight, like some cinematographic cross between Big Fish and Dorothy’s sunflower fields.

On the way back to Paris after a lazy weekend in the country, we stopped to shoot in the Colzas. It was as magical as it looks, like swimming through a sea of golden flowers. It was more like drowning actually. Even with my ankle breaking Dolce & Gabbana runway heels, I could barely see above the stems they had grown so high.


And while the style inspiration for this shoot was intended to be some sort of baggy sweater-swingy skirt, transition wear combination, the reality behind my magic Big Fish Dorothy moment was a vintage Bendels museum piece covered in yellow pollen and a reminder that heels turn to knives in the mud.


But of course this pretty back drop is just a dramatic way to tell you that if you’re having one of those “I don’t know what to wear” days when the weather is playing hard to get with spring, throw on a slouchy sweater over a mini skirt. It looks chic and effortless and is a wonderfully coy way to reveal while covering up.

One of my favorite pieces for this kind of look is this loosely knit top from the Italian label, Brandy & Melville. Everything from this (surprisingly affordable) L.A. inspired brand has that wonderful ability to look great  while being comfortable; trying on their clothes is like slipping into some butter-cotton cloth hybrid. It’s tomboy-feminine California cool with a shot of effortless European style. Go ahead, cheat on Urban. Brandy & Melville’s newest collection is the epitome of chill, unpretentious Los Anglo-talian warm weather wear  that has me drooling for the summer days where every sunny hour feels like magic.


















Skirt: Henri Bendel (Vintage)
Top: Brandy & Melville
Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana

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