Artists Muse

Muse. Artists Muse. These mysterious embodiments of the feminine have inspired artists since the origin of art. We do not know the extent of the roles these women played in the creation and inspiration of the famed works of Warhol, Picasso and Brancusi, but their allure and singularity is undeniable. But what exactly did these great artists see in these women? What did their particular brand of character and beauty inspire in them? Was it a secret locked within their femininity? A secret men have timelessly searched to unlock. Was it pure love, lust, or something more? Perhaps the secret of creation that these artists–and all artists whether conscious of it or not, are perpetually searching for.

Edie Sedgwick X Andy Warhol



Lee Miller X Man Ray



Anna Karenina X Jean Luc Godard



Dora Maar X Picasso



Gala Diakonova X Salvador Dali

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