From Art to Fashion: Jesus Rafael Soto

Jesus Rafael Soto. Galerie Perrotin. Paris. From Art to Fashion Inspiration. Experiment #1

Not everyone agrees that fashion is art… it all depends on your definition of “art” after all–and fashion for that matter–and that’s messy ground to enter upon…but bridging the gap between fashion and art always leads to good things. Fashion has been inspired by art since the first runways, and done so in subtle nods to those designers’ most admired artists.

So in an homage to fashion and art and all that falls in between, this series illustrates the potential of merging these two worlds in my paying tribute to artists I love and admire. I translated the optical illusion sculptural creations of kinetic artist Jesus Rafael Soto into the language of fabrics. In this first edition, I have transferred his 3D sculptures (his sculptures are a 3 dimensional interpretation of his earlier 2 dimensional paintings) back into the 2D and onto the blank canvas of white cotton clothes (7euro basics by H&M) using fabric paints.



lisannawallance-ModeArte-jesusrafaelsoto-galerie-perrotin copy

“… In order to achieve abstraction, I thought it was important to find a graphic system that would allow me to codify a reality rather than represent it.”– Jesus Rafael Soto


LisannaWallance-ModeArte-JesusRafaelSoto-Exhibition-Paris copy copy


“For me, Cubism was an exercise in construction, in the ordering a planes, a tool that helped me to translate the tropical light.”– Jesus Rafael Soto

LisannaWallance-ModeArte-JesusRafaelSoto copy copy


LisannaWallance-RafaelJesusSoto copy copy


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