Lygia Pape X Infinite Light

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Post-Mortem Art Memoria | 1927 – 2004

Her Deal: Brazilian | Rio de Janeiro Born | Sculpture, Engraving, Filmmaking | Concrete & Neo-Concrete Art Cult | Politically Inclined | Geometry Obsessed | Light X Space X Movement X Viewer X Art X Artist |

TtEias | Her most emblematic work | Semi-transparent prisms created with golden thread and light | Illusion that pillars rise into infinity | Space  and movement created through the intersection of lines | Invisibility | Neo-Concretist relationship between art and viewer as light and space changes as the viewer moves |

Concretists | The significance of art transcends the work itself. Defends the objectivity of art. Rejection of natural forms, lyricism and sentiment in the creation of art.  

Neo Concretists | Art represents more than the materials used to create. Art not only occupies the mechanical space, but it transcends it into something new.

“My concern is always invention. I always want to invent a new language that’s different for me and for others, too. I want to discover new things. Because, to me, art is a way of knowing the world, to see how the world is, of getting to know the world”–Lygia Pape

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