Salvador Dalí for VOGUE

Issue #2

Fashion is Art Inspiration: Dalí + VOGUE

Before the days of endless grinning celebrity head shots, the illustrious Vogue magazine featured its more art sensitive side with a series of covers designed by Salvador Dalí.

Today, Dalí is considered the father of surrealism and god-father of one of the wonkiest mustache styles in facial hair history. In reality, Dalí held a Jeff Koons-esque status as a member of the fashion and art world’s most desired circle and the golden boy of all art-lice social climbers. Running in the ranks of Basquiat, Alice Cooper, Hitchcock and Andy Warhol, designing for the covers of Vogue (with his face even gracing the cover of its Paris edition) is a logical suite.

So when will Vogue turn to its painted roots with a repeat of this art-centric cover move?

The day when a Margaret Keane Vogue original will sell more covers than a David’s Bridal homage of America’s proudest power couple, Kimye.

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