Sculpted Nature

Nature is the ultimate artist; sculpture her foundation. Every painter, or sculptor who has left a mark of their creativity upon the centuries is driven by…

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Louise Bourgeois

Art for Louise Bourgeois, continually probed questions of loneliness, jealousy, anger and fear. Art was a form of exorcism, “a guarantee of sanity”…

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Andrew Wyeth’s World

Before I knew the story behind Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World painting, I always connected it to pain–the image of that women reaching up to the house, her body broken, the house appearing to disappear deeper into the landscape the longer I looked.


Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake was a rockstar. The Japanese fashion designer born in Hiroshima in 1938 changed the world’s perspective of fashion into a form of…


Chihuly Glass Fashion

Engaging in Daly Chihuly’s out of this world glass creations through fashion in 100ºF Miami summer. Chihuly shattered the conventions of glass, turning it into a…


Dia Art Foundation

Dia Art Foundation was named after “dia” the Greek word for “through,” The Dia Art Foundation serves as metamorphosing vehicle through which artists can…

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Storm King Art Centre

Storm King Art Center is a surreal interactive art space. Sculptures by artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Maya Lin, Louise Bourgeois and dozens of other…

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Fetish of the Week

Top pulls from this week’s internet black hole of procrastination creative exploration. History of fashion and changing times seen through Vogue covers, award for…