Tokyo Wraith

Fashion styling meets art exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Playing spectre at the Palais de Tokyo’s labyrinthine “Womb” exhibition. Chanelling the grim wrapper…


Eugenio Recuenco X Picasso

Inspiration Fashion meets Art with Spanish photographer Eugenio Recuenco. He’s recreating Picasso paintings with photographs and makes his 3D models look more like their…

Wynwood-Grafitti-Fashion-ModeArte-1- Lisanna copy

Wynwood Silk Bugs

Wynwood Walls–Miami’s outdoor art museum featuring a rotation of international graffiti artists–offers amazing opportunities for fashion/art/human mergings. Mind blowing graffiti creations on every stone and…


Coconut Butter Scrub

Coconut butter will turn your skin as soft as a 78% water born baby (our water content drops to about 50% by the time we’re fully grown… Combine the hydrating, natural coco butter with an exfoliant like…


From Art to Fashion: Jesus Rafael Soto

In a nod to fashion and art and all that falls in between, I am showing the potential of art and fashion world collaborations by paying homage to artists I love and admire by translating their works into the language of fabrics.


Light Sculpting with James Turrell

Inspiration Issue #8: Art Icon James Turrell “I am not an “earthwork” artist. I am totally involved in the sky. Let me make this very…


Silver Fox In Wonderland

When I left Paris it was verging on spring….flowers, birds, the works…only to fly back in time six hours to find New York in a state…

Street STyle Fashion Week Modearte

Fashion Week Tribes

Every year fashions change and trends recycle, but the street style eager lovelies that populate the strategically planned routes to fashion shows loyally adhere to their…


Hermes Bal de Soie

Hermes Bal de Soie || That time when Hermès threw a Kubrickian Third Eye Blind vibing masquerade Bal de Soie in honor of one of their most iconic scarf prints, and Paris brought out their finest beauty and the beast inspired costumery for a night filled with silks and sparkling champagnes, lustful opium den lounging and gold tinged desserts.


French Beauty: The Red Lip

Before moving to Paris, I prided myself on never wearing any makeup except around my eyes… which are smoked and shadowed in every shade of dark… I…